Shane Evans – illustrator and airbrush artist

I’m a illustrator and airbrush artist based in a small little town called Whangarei, in New Zealand.

Welcome to my web page.

As an illustrator, the last thing I want to do is write about myself….I like to draw things.

So here are a few quick things about me.

A. I watch far too many films.  And not always the high quality well-made type.

B. I have painted murals for churches, private commissions and district councils.

C. I grew up on comics, and love drawing comics and cartoons….BUT I’m not a fan of most superhero comics.

D. I have experience wrapping cars (with vinyl), and also doing traditional airbrushing and pin-striping.

E. Most of my favourite music is guitar based.  Punk, rock, grunge, metal. Because of this I have also painted guitars and drawn various musicians.

F. I have produced numerous book covers and interior illustrations.

G. ….Go look at my artwork.  Will it help if I say please?